Shirley McCoy is a badass yet down-to-earth entrepreneur and mother of two who literally fronts a rock band in her spare time. And as a dedicated community member and champion of the Downtown area who’s been running a business there since 2010, she’s the perfect person to spot and fill a hole in Cadillac’s local clothing options. A funky, hip, sophisticated hole, especially when it comes to menswear.


So when the space right next to her salon opened up, it was game on. First, Shirley traveled across the country to scour conventions and find just the right clothes for the shop. Then, after putting in a few months of serious blood and sweat and enlisting the help of a few good friends, she opened Platinum Rags in the spring of 2017. Now it’s filled with chic men’s and women’s fashions you can’t find just anywhere else.


Whether you’re looking for a solid wardrobe staple or wanting to break out of your stylistic comfort zone, Platinum Rags has got you covered — right down to your skivvies — with pieces from:


Lucky Brand®


Flag & Anthem

Wood Underwear®

Sock It Up

… and more


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